Designed by an experienced reader, Tarot: In The Cards is both user-friendly for beginners, as well as a powerful and highly-customizable tool that will suit the needs of seasoned Tarot readers.

  • Hand-drawn custom artwork for every card in the deck, created especially for Tarot: In The Cards.
  • Save & Share your Readings: Every reading you make gives you the option to share the card layout and the text of the interpretation, along with the question asked.
  • Customizable Settings: Do you prefer to use Major Arcana only? Do you allow inverted cards in your readings? Do you let the Questioner select their own card before shuffling the deck? All these options and more are available.
  • Five¬†Built-In Spreads: When performing¬†a reading, you can choose from a number of different spreads. Pick the one that best suits the question being asked.
  • Spread Editor: Create and Share your own custom spreads. Experienced readers have their own ways of doing things, if the built-in spreads do not meet your needs, you can create one that fits your requirements exactly.
  • Deck Editor: If the built-in deck is not to your liking, you can duplicate it & make changes to suit your requirements. Change the card interpretations; re-order the cards; re-order the suits.
  • And much, much more!