About the App

Tarot: In The Cards was born of a conversation between friends.

Lezley, an artist, illustrator, and an avid & experienced reader of Tarot, was dissatisfied with the various Tarot apps she had found on the App Store.

She complained of her frustrations to her friend Stephanie, a programmer and part-time app developer.

“Why can’t they do what I want and look beautiful?”

“Well, what would your ideal Tarot app do? What features would it have?”

Before long, Lezley and Stephanie had an app outline, spec list, and an agreement to pool their respective talents to remedy the Tarot app situation.

The result of this partnership is Tarot: In The Cards — and we believe it is the most flexible and fun Tarot app on the App Store.

All card artwork and app artwork contained in this app was created by and is © 2016 Lezley Davidson.

The app design, layout, and coding were created by Stephanie Maks.