Video FAQ

We’ve recorded a handy FAQ video for those of you who like that kind of thing.

I got a little carried away and recorded way more than I intended – but better for you!

There’s a video index below and if you’re a reading kind of person click here for the written FAQ.

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Video Index:
[3:20] Tab Bar Intro
[3:40] New Reading w/ Manual Shuffle & Deal
[3:50] Select New Deck
[5:50 & 12:04] Save Reading
[6:22] Repeat Deal
[7:03] Settings
[7:17] New Reading w/ Automatic Shuffle & Deal
[8:04] Toggle Manual Shuffle & Deal
[8:16] Select Minor / Major Arcana / Entire Deck
[8:37 & 10:22] Select Questioner
[8:54] Allow Inverted Cards
[9:24] Enable Deck & Spread Editor
[9:45 & 15:28] DropBox Connection & Files
[14:06] Share Reading
[15:59] Cards & Interpretations
[17:05] Load Other Decks
[18:46] Contact Us
[19:01] Edit Spread Layouts
** Update: In the Spread Editor – Angle Upright. Tap the ‘Angle Upright’ and it will rotate the card. Left, right, inverted, upright again. **
[23:07] Edit Spread Cards
[27:18] Edit Decks
[27:30] Edit Card Back Image
[28:28] Edit Card Interpretation
[30:18] Justice & Strength Positions
[32:29] Restore Default Deck & Samples




How do I perform a new Reading? [3:40]
To begin a new Reading, start on the New Reading tab.
If you want to enter your Question (optional), tap the shaded Question area at the top of the screen.
If you have more than one Deck installed, you may select which Deck to use for the Reading.
Then tap your chosen Spread, and your new Reading will begin.
Readings are too fast / automated, how do I make it slower or more interactive? [3:40]
Tarot: In The Cards defaults to automatically spreading and flipping the cards when you perform a Reading.
To switch it to manual, tap the Settings tab, then ensure the Reveal Cards Manually toggle is set to On.
Now when you perform Readings, you will have options to manually shuffle the deck and spread the cards.
Each card may be flipped manually by tapping it.
How do I select my Questioner card? [8:37 & 10:23]
To enable the Questioner Card selection, tap the Settings tab, then ensure the Select Questioner Card toggle is set to On.
You will now have the option on the New Reading screen to select a questioner card for your Reading(s).
Please note, not all Spreads have a card designated as The Questioner – for Spreads which do not, this option is ignored.
How do I save my Readings? [5:50 & 12:04]
When you have completed performing a new Reading, tap the Save button at the top right corner of the Navigation bar.
You may provide a name (optional) for your Reading.
If you do not enter a name, the Reading will be saved using the current date and time as the name.
All your saved Readings are available through the My Readings tab.
How do I share my Readings? [14:06]
For previously saved Readings, tap the My Readings tab, then select your Reading, and tap the Share button on the Navigation bar.
If you have just performed a new Reading, once you save the Reading the Save button will become a Share button.
Tarot: In The Cards allows sharing your Readings to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, eMail, iMessage, and via AirDrop.
How do I look up Cards and their definitions? [15:59]
Tap the My Decks tab, and then tap one of the Decks.
You can now select a suit, and then use the slider to scroll through the suit’s cards, to see the meanings and the artwork.
You can get a closer look at the artwork by tapping the card image.
Can I get other Decks? [17:05]
Yes, we do have more decks planned for the future.
Keep an eye on the forums for more info, and links to downloadable decks!
How do I edit the Spreads? [19:01]
First, ensure you have the Enable Deck/Spread Editor toggled On in the Settings tab.
Then go to the Spreads tab, select a Spread, and tap Edit.
You are able to add and remove cards, reposition the cards within the Spread, and edit the position names and descriptions.

How do I edit the Decks? [27:18]
First, ensure you have the Enable Deck/Spread Editor toggled On in the Settings tab.
Then go to the My Decks tab, select a Deck, and tap Edit.
You can change the order of the suits, edit the definitions of individual cards, and even change the images used for the deck, card backs, and card faces.

I’ve deleted the built-in / sample content. Can I get it back? [32:29]
Yes! To restore the default Decks, Spreads, and Sample Readings, tap the Settings tab, then tap and hold the Help / About line, for about a second.
This will display a pop-up where you can choose to restore the built-in Decks, Spreads, Sample Readings, or everything at once.
Please note, this restore will not overwrite or remove any records you have created or added to the app.
My question wasn’t answered here, what do I do?
Head over to the Support Forums where you can post a question or search for additional help topics.